Roy Keane says Manchester United’s midfield team lacks creativity

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Former Manchester United midfielder Roy Keane has said the Red Devils’ midfield team lacked creativity, leading to a draw against Manchester United. South Hampton and told Harry Maguire Fred has not played as well as they should, too.

  Manchester United legend Roy Keane has blamed the Manchester United midfield for the lack of creativity in playing so well that they could only draw with the Red Devils. Southampton 1-1 at St Mary’s in the English Premier League game on Sunday, August 22.

    In that match, United organized a 4-3-3 plan with Bruno Fernandes, Fred and Nemanja Matic in the midfield trio, but the visitors ended up just one point back. Home, which was a disappointing performance compared to the first game of the season in which they beat Leeds United 5-1.

Keane said while serving as an analyst for Sky Sports. “There are one or two doubtful points, and I have to go back and talk about the middle of the pitch. There wasn’t enough creativity in that area. It’s not quality enough, United will be disappointed with the draw, but Southampton. It deserves credit as well.”

    Former midfielder celebrities added that Harry Maguire Fred did not do well enough in this game, “Fred Maguire should have to do better than this when people come in. Your area, in Fred’s case, you should be ready to attack him. But he only extended his legs. Of course, he was unlucky that it ricocheted. But he had to do more. He has to play better.”