Rooney exposed to scandalous pictures with girls

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Wayne Rooney, Manchester United and England legend it became scandalous. When a picture was expose while drunk asleep in a chair inside a hotel. At the same time, there are also girls Many people in the room There is also a clip of a young lady farting at him.

Wayne Rooney, the Championship club’s Derby County manager

Wayne Rooney, the Championship club’s Derby County manager. He has come under fire when he is picture lying in a chair with several women in his room, one of whom was wearing flashing clothes dizzy in bed.

The legendary striker, the club’s all-time top scorer (253 goals). Family life takes a different turn when he is spot in a hotel room in Manchester along with the anonymous girl. Who has gone viral on social media at this time. In the first photo, a girl in a g-string bra turns her butt towards Rooney sleeping in a chair. 

With the caption “Mooney Rooney”, the other picture shows a woman holding up two fingers in front of the sleepless “Rune”. The other photo shows a girl holding up two fingers as well with her tongue out for the camera, but interestingly, one of the girls lies in a semi-nude outfit on the bed with the caption “Sleepy Wayne”.

Meanwhile, there is also a very unsatisfactory clip of a woman in the video room as she farts at Rooney, sleeping well without knowing that fate will become the news. online scandal

     There’s also an exclusive photo that might make Rooney’s wife Colleen angry. because it is a picture Former England striker Kissing an unknown girl with long blonde hair. At a nightclub 

 For all these images are expect to occur after the end of the game. Derby County lost 2-1 to League Two side Salford City in their pre-season friendly. On Saturday the 24th of July 

      Recently, it was report that Rooney had already file a complaint with the police. After he was dissatisfy with the images being publish on social media despite. That they did not know and is not allow to do so