Pedri, an 18-year-old who has made more than 70 appearances in less than a year

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Pedri did, no one has ever seen anything like this, never,” said Spain manager Luis Enrique. Refers to an 18-year-old named Pedro, following the 4-2 defeat to Italy on penalties in the Euro 2020 semi-finals.

Andres Iniesta was the main force that led Barcelona and Spain to success in the Millennium era. He is the winner of Spain’s 2010 FIFA World Cup title and play a key role in winning two Euros. Helping Barcelona win all the trophies from national and international level, whether it’s La. Liga, Copa del Rey, UEFA Champions League, FIFA Club World Cup. While Pedro has just qualified for the first time at a major tournament like Euro 2020

So Enrique’s speech shows that he admires the pace of youngster Pedri very much. At 18 years old and only 174 cm tall, he has played non-stop for the national team and club. Up to 68 games in less than a year since September 3, 2020. And if he played all games in the Olympic group stage. He would have complete 70 of these. clearly indicates his status. as an indispensable player

New Andres Iniesta

“When Pedro was nine years old, Pedri reminded me of Iniesta, I always said that when I saw him. I knew he had something special,” Ruben Delgado, Pedri’s coach at Tegeste, told The Athletic . Looks more mature than the same generation of players. It’s not often you see this in a 9 or 10 year old.” 

As of September 3, 2020, Pedry has played 68 games. And if he takes the Spanish national team reach the finals. Or even the third place final will allow him to play 73 games. With the Olympic gold medal schedule for August 7. While the opening La Liga match of the 2021-22 season is August 15 during the period. With just a week apart. It is believe that Barcelona may be able to solve. This problem by giving Pedro an additional vacation and coming in to train. With the team after the Spanish football season has started. As was the case with Neymar at the 2016 Olympic Games.

Barcelona’s other Olympic gold medalist Lionel Messi once spoke about his reasons. For breaking into the club until then-Barca manager Pep Guardiola gave the green light to play. When 2008 to Esquire magazine, “The 2008 Olympic gold medal was the most valuable victory for me. Because it is a tournament that you may only play once in your life. And being involve with many types of athletes.”

With the history of the sport of mankind for 125 years and men’s football. The age limit is 23 years old, so it might be a once in a lifetime experience for some players. Because if you are too old. It is less likely to be call up to the national team again. Or if call, there may be a reason to refuse.

Nowadays, football is more of a business. Many players choose to preserve their bodies to play for their employers’ clubs. But with some players See this as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that must be seize. with a choice between “Club – National Team” Now, Pedro, at the age of 18. He is carrying both of them on his shoulders. amid the expectations of football fans