“Morata” he could not enter the house

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Alvaro Morata star striker from Juventus great misfortune . After returning from a match football warm-up before the season opener of “Joan of Campeche’s Trophy” and found. That he could not enter the house.

earlier Mora. eye travels to spain To help the agency compete with Barcelona before losing with a score of 0-3,

But when he arrived at home in Turin at 4:00 am local time, it appeared that he could not enter the house. Because his wife Alice Campello forgot to unlock the house for him. The security system also automatically cut off the elevator Thus he was unable to enter the house completely. So he had to rent a hotel to sleep for one night together.

However, his wife Alice Campello later revealed that she did not deliberately tease her husband. But because She fell asleep and forgot to unlock the security system. before that She recently posted a picture of her three sons. wearing the Juventus kit To cheer Morata competing in a warm-up game

for Campello, an Italian model. The couple married in June 2017, before July 2018 they gave birth to twins Alessandro and Leonardo, and their latest son, Edoardo, opened his eyes in September 2020.