“Khabib” signs with the Russian 3rd Division football team

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Although he announced his retirement from 2020, the name of Khabib Nurmagomedov A former mix martial arts (MMA) athlete. The UFC Academy’s undefeat champion continues to attract fans around the world. Which would like to see him go back to wearing gloves again He has repeatedly insist that he “quit”. After his father Abdulmanaf died of complications after contracting COVID-19.

set to return to the sport. But it’s not a cage fight, but a football field. aAnother sport that he loves, with Anji Makhachkala, Galatasaray, Real Madrid and Liverpool. As well as the Russian national team. Be a team in your heart

But wearing studs as a footballer this time You have the option to sign with Legian Dinamo, a team in the Professional Football League, the third level of the Russian League. who settled in Makhachkala capital city of Dagestan Khabib’s hometown,

Legian Dinamo posted a picture of the club’s signing with Khabib on the team’s Instagram with the caption: “Our Legian Club has a fight. big time waiting And we need elite warriors for this. Be prepare to deal with it’s free! “

However, that has not been disclose. Discussion will enter the field in any position. And will see him on the field when hitting the football official.