A decade of waiting for the champion of “Kajon Chearavanont”

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Back almost 10 years ago, Kajon Chearavanont stepped in to manage True Bangkok United Football Club with principles that are no different from managing the company. To take care of employees as best as possible. Adhere to the concept, everyone has their own duties. Use professionalism responsible to set goals so that the team can grow well

Let’s take a look at the reasons why True Bangkok United, under Kajon Chearavanont, won their first title, celebrating a decade since he took over the team. until becoming one of the strongest clubs and invincible to the point of being formidable on the field with every team.

1. The thirst for success, Kajon Chearavanont

When he was still a ufabet team at Bangkok University This is the first club from the most successful academy. By participating in the Thai League for only three seasons, he was able to win the championship. And also has the right to represent Thailand to play in the AFC Champions League in the 2007 season.

That set is under the control of the army. ”Maradona of Thailand” Somchai Sapperm, the head coach of the child sculptor. Which uses the football team within the university fence as the core of the battle But he did a great job with a strategy that exceeded expectations. The championship series consisted of: Kittisak Siriwan, Teerayut Suebsilp, Ramthep Chaipan, Zarif Sainui, Suriya Domthaisong, etc. 

2. Don’t change the team a lot.

Another important factor that True Bangkok United is contending with the Thai League championship is so fun. Under the control of the “coach ban” team, who choose not to undergo surgery, change the team too much. The newly added players are Thitiphan Puangchan, Nantawat Kokfai and Anthony Carter.

In addition, Jetsakorn Khao-ngam, who came back from helping Nong Bua Pitchaya FC, was the champion of the Thai League 2 to replace Wanchai Jarunongkran, and also released those who were not in the plan and the contract expired. Both apps Tony Petch Ampaipitakwong and Hajime Hosokai, including Sanwat Dechmitr, who sent to Ratchaburi Mitr Phol FC on loan

3. It has a great pre-season.

Back in pre-season, “Coach Ban” prepared the team with almost all of the key players. Because they don’t have too many players in the Thai national team because only Manuel Tom Biah, Tristan Do and Nattawut Suksum are in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, Asia zone, round 2 in the United States. arab emirates 

During that time, “Coach Ban” had the opportunity to put the tactics in detail. Including many warm-up games Whether meeting with Muangthong United, BG Pathum United, Port Authority FC, Chonburi FC, Police Tero FC and Uthai Thani FC, the billionaire team from Thai League 3, the result appears that the party “shin Thep” has done a good job until it has received many admiration.

4. Diversity in the offensive game

Passed 13 matches, collecting 29 points, leading the pack and if anyone has watched each game You can see that they don’t leave entertainment, but focus more on results. Many moments that use power play styles to attack opponents. which is the source of the number of scores that can be shot substantially And the important thing is to collect points in the end.

Another factor is that “the gods” do not have to put their hopes on scoring on anyone, although Heberty Fernandes has already hit seven goals, is the team’s top scorer, but there is also Vander. Luiz, who was followed by the second goal scorer with 6 goals, plus Thai players such as Pokklao Anan and Thitiphan Phuangchan also produced excellent results. Divided into 2 pills each, and there are still others. that help to shoot thoroughly

5. Reinforcing teams to keep an eye on

“Being the leader now didn’t think much There are periods of ups and downs according to the seasons. We try to tell the children not to indulge. but must maintain standards and confidence This is the post-game speech that “coach bans” left on the day of their 5-0 home defeat of Police Tero FC.

With most of the players being the inheritance of Mano Polking’s era and this season, “Coach Ban” has only added 3 people, Thitiphan, Nantawat and Carter. It’s going well to win the championship. When this was the case in the second leg, there would definitely be reinforcements.